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What should i wear?


It’s important to know what to wear and what not to wear when appearing in front of a camera. 

Try to avoid wearing patterns, especially tight pinstripes. This can cause the camera to produce a 'strobe' look.

Also, try to avoid wearing red, as it tends to 'bloom.'  white also confuses the iris and will look too vivid on camera and/or cause your skin color to appear darker. 

Pastels are typically the best colors to wear when in front of the lens.  Solid colors are also a wise choice. It is usually okay to wear dark colors such as black, brown, and blue alone or with solid pastel colors.

if you're appearing in front of a green screen, make sure to keep your hair very neat and not disheveled. Messy hair could lead to an unclean key of the background.

try not to wear too much jewelry as it can appear glittery on camera. Jewelry will also produce extra noise depending on where the mic is located on your body. 


Additional tips:

Do not use too much makeup, just use a moderate amount. Powders are best.

lipstick should be of a lighter shade.